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Order Corporate Plaques In One Of These Materials

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Ordering custom plaques that you can display in various places around your office can be a good way to celebrate those who work for you. If you want to recognize peoples' contributions to your company, you can order plaques that have your employees' engraved names on them. For example, you can have a plaque that hangs in a central part of your place of work to recognize the salesperson who had the most successful fiscal quarter. When you browse the website of a company that produces corporate plaques, you'll see that they're available in several different materials. Here are three popular options.


Wooden corporate plaques are highly popular, offering a timeless look when they hang on your wall. A lot of people choose a wooden background with a thin sheet of brass mounted to the front of the wood. You can order wooden plaques in all sorts of colors. For example, you might favor a mahogany stain if you want the wood to have a rich, reddish-brown hue. Given that many office walls are painted in light colors, a wooden plaque with a dark finish will stand out once you hang it. A row of these plaques can especially have a notable visual impact.


You can also expect to see lots of corporate plaques that are made from natural stone. Heavy materials such as granite can give your plaque a modern and expensive look. While you can buy stone plaques to hang on the wall, you'll also find those that are designed with a base so that they can sit on a desk, window ledge, or other surfaces. Displaying one of these plaques in this manner can be ideal, as its weight can require heavy-duty hardware if you were to hang it on the wall. The color of natural stone plaques can vary, so you'll have lots of available choices.


Acrylic is another material option to consider when you order corporate plaques. It looks a lot like glass from a distance but is typically more affordable. Acrylic is also lighter in weight than glass and not as fragile, making it a good choice as a plaque material. You'll find these plaques in many different styles, including some that hang on the wall and others that sit on a stand on a horizontal surface. Learn more about plaques in these and other materials by visiting the website of a corporate plaque company.