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Unique Ideas For Designing Trump Beer Coozies

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Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is quite the polarizing figure. Some appreciate the man. Others have some negative feelings about him. But nearly everyone knows who he is, and lots of people are happy to make some sort of statement about him. Perhaps this is why items like Trump beer coozies sell so well! Even a simple beer coozie with Trump's face on it is sure to sell. However, if you want to design something a bit more unique, here are a few more creative ideas for your Trump beer coozies.

The Trump Family Tree

Before there was Donald Trump, there was Fred Trump and Mary Anne LacLeode Trump, his parents. And of course, Donald Trump himself has several children. A unique idea for a beer coozie would be to draw out Donald Trump's family tree. You could include tiny images of each person, if you have the space, but even just their names would be detail enough to make a statement.

Trump Facts

Another fun approach would be to make a variety of beer coozies, each of which could list a different, so-called "Trump Fact." For instance, one set of coozies could say "Trump Fact #1: In the early 2000s, the Trump Organization contained more than 500 companies." Another could say "Trump Fact #2: Trump was the only President to be impeached twice." These facts don't necessarily have to appeal to just Trump supporters or non-Trump-supporters, they can appeal to all.

Trump Symbols

Trump has gained so much media attention in recent years that certain symbols or words have become closely associated with him. There was the time he used a marker to change a weather map. So, an image of a weather map might be a good thing to put on a Trump beer coozie. He is also known for his efforts to build a wall on the U.S. Mexican border, which means a wall would be another good symbol to print on your coozies. One final example might be a golf club, since Trump is known for being a big fan and frequent player of the game.

Keep in mind that if you want to sell a lot of Trump beer coozies, variety is the key. You want some coozies that appeal to die-hard supporters, others that appeal to those who don't like Trump, and some that appeal to the masses. Implement some of the ideas above to expand your assortment. For more ideas on Trump beer coozies, contact a local supplier.