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Don't Let These Aspects Of Carpet Installation Surprise You

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Having carpet installed is something most people only do a few times in their life. This is a service that is best performed by professionals since it requires a lot of equipment and skill. For the most part, you can just stand back and let the pros do their job. However, as you watch, there are a few things your carpet installers may do that surprise you or leave you a little confused. It's nice to know what's going on in your home, so below, you will find an explanation of some of the things homeowners find the most perplexing about carpet installation.

Carpet is often installed over other flooring. 

Sometimes when homeowners have carpet installed, they assume the carpet company will first remove the old flooring. But this is rarely done. Usually, carpet is just installed right over whatever other flooring is in place.

At first, you may assume the carpet installers are just being "lazy" by doing things this way, but that could not be further from the truth. There are a few good reasons why it's best to install carpet over the existing flooring. If you or a future homeowner decide you don't like the carpet anymore or if the carpet becomes damaged by water or smoke, the carpet can then be pulled up — and you'll still have a floor. The existing floor also adds an extra layer of support under the carpet so your subfloor does not get worn down by the friction of people walking over the carpet.

A pad is typically installed under the carpet.

When you've ordered a gorgeous carpet, you may be aghast to see the carper installers rolling out what looks like a big, ugly layer of blue or green foam. But take a deep breath; this is not your carpet. It's just a pad that goes under the carpet. Most carpet itself does not feel very soft underfoot, so the padding makes it softer. Padding also reduces wear on the back of the carpet.

Carpet is installed in several sections.

If you have a large room, do not be surprised if your carpet installers bring the carpet in sections. This is standard procedure. They will seam the carpet together, and you won't even be able to tell where the seams are. A carpet installed in sections is in no way inferior to a carpet installed in one piece. In fact, the carpet can often be stretched and installed more securely when installed in sections.

Hopefully this piece has cleared up a few of the wonders and concerns you may have as you watch your carpet be installed. Having new carpet is a wonderful thing.

To learn more, contact a carpet installation company.