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Keys To Buying Graduation Stoles

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Stoles are an effective way to highlight achievement during a graduation ceremony. If you plan on buying some for this special day, go about this process with these keys in mind.

Remember Color Has Significance 

There are many colors that graduation stoles can have, but it's important to know that some colors have special significance. Keep that in mind when you go out shopping so that the color you choose is appropriate based on your educational background.

For example, white stoles have been known to be associated with the arts and humanities. Then you have purple stoles, and that color is sometimes reserved for law backgrounds.

Green stoles have been used for medicine and pharmacy backgrounds. Try finding a color that applies to your educational background so that the meaning behind the stole makes sense.

Review Maintenance Requirements

Once you purchase a graduation stole, you want to know the maintenance requirements for it. Then you can keep it clean and in good condition leading up to graduation day and well after it's over.

A lot of graduation stoles are made out of satin, which is a very delicate fabric you want to be extra careful with when cleaning. Hand-washing is probably best for this delicate of a material.

You also want to do your best to keep the graduation stole in a temperature-controlled environment so that the stole doesn't start breaking down. 

Consider Built-In Pockets

If you do plan on carrying some personal items with you and your attire doesn't have pockets already, then you may want to get a graduation stole with a built-in pocket. You'll then be able to keep items close by, whether these items include a cellphone or perhaps a wallet.

Built-in pockets may cost you more in a graduation stole because of the extra preparation that went into making it, but at least you will be able to keep items safely near you without having to be uncomfortable.

Just make sure the pockets are deep enough to where items don't easily fall out, especially when you walk up to the podium to receive your degree.

Stoles are a staple piece of attire to wear at a graduation for those that have achieved something great. If you want to ensure the stole you buy is perfect for this special ceremony, you should review key attributes that will impact how this stole looks and functions on graduation day.