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Ways That A Tractor-Mounted Auger Is Better Than A Gas-Powered Auger

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An auger is an essential tool for digging a hole in which to set a fence post, and there are many different types of augers that you can buy. Manual augers have some advantages, but the physically demanding process of using such a tool makes many people favor power augers. Among power augers, there are those that you support with your hands while a gas engine turns the auger, as well as those that you mount to the rear of a tractor and that run off the tractor's power. Here are some reasons that a tractor-mounted auger is a better choice than a gas-powered auger.

Straighter Holes

When you're using any type of auger to drill a hole, you want it to go vertically straight into the ground. Fence posts should be as close to vertical as possible, and setting a fence post vertically can be challenging if your hole is at a diagonal angle, even to a small degree. When you use a tractor-mounted auger attachment, it's easy to drill a straight, vertical hole because the attachment is mounted to the tractor so that the auger sits vertically. Conversely, when you use a gas-powered auger that you hold with a partner, it can often be challenging to get the hole straight and vertical because the auger can be heavy and awkward to hold.

Easier To Reach Remote Areas

Not every area in which you need to work is easy to reach with a gas-powered auger. For example, if you're installing a fence on a large property, it may be difficult to get a vehicle that is carrying the auger across the land to where you'll be working. This could mean that you'd need to manually carry your gas-powered auger to the work site — something that could be difficult or, in some cases, impossible. With an auger attachment on your tractor, you'll find that it's much easier to get the tool to where you need it for the job because of the tractor's ability to travel where a conventional vehicle cannot.

Safer Projects

When you and a partner are operating a gas-powered auger, risks are present. The power and torque of the machine have the ability to knock either of you over — especially if you're working in an area where the ground is difficult to stand on. Such an occurrence could leave either of you with a serious injury. You'll find that projects are much safer when you use an auger attachment on your tractor. Because you aren't physically hanging onto the tool, you don't have to worry about falling and sustaining an injury.

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