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Use Custom Features to Tag That Bag

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One of the concerns that you may encounter while traveling is the possibility of not being able to find your luggage at the terminal. The paper tags that are given away for free at airports could come loose from suitcases or carry-ons and if there are other travelers who have luggage that is similar to yours, they may mistake your items for theirs. A custom engraved luggage tag can add a sense of security while traveling. If you get separated from your luggage, an engraved tag gives you a higher likelihood that your luggage will be returned. 

Choose The Material Type And The Engraving

Wood, brass, aluminum, and plastic are sturdy materials that are used to create tags. You have the opportunity to select the type of lettering and the color of the tags that you purchase. If you are nearsighted or if your luggage is a neutral or dark color that doesn't stand out, choose plastic neon tags that contain bold lettering.

If your suitcases contain a pattern or are a vivid color, choose wooden tags that contain calligraphy and a glossy varnished surface or shiny brass or aluminum tags that contain dark lettering. Any type of tag that you select should be easy for you to scan and should be complementary to the color and style of luggage that you own. Pick tags that will be large enough for you to see from a distance. The manner in which each tag is secured is also important. Choose a leather strap and grommet design or an attachment that contains metal links or a solid metal band.

Purchase Additional Tags For Alternate Travel Items

If you are a frequent flyer and tend to switch luggage types, depending upon whether you will be traveling for business or pleasure, choose a couple sets of luggage tags. This will prevent you from needing to remove and switch tags to different luggage components. Getting rid of that step can help guarantee that you won't forget to secure a tag to a luggage piece that is being brought along on a trip.

Custom luggage tags also make good gifts for business colleagues and personal friends who travel often. If they have shared horror stories about losing their luggage or encountering a mix up that resulted in taking the wrong suitcase, buy them some engraved luggage tags. The tags will be a thoughtful birthday or holiday gift and the recipients will likely utilize the tags whenever they travel.