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Tips For Visiting An Outdoor Mall With A Dog

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If you're the type of person who frequently travels around with your dog, it's always a good idea to check the pet regulations in advance of visiting certain locations around your community. Many outdoor malls are pet-friendly, allowing patrons to visit with their leashed pets, provided that the pets stay outside of the store. If you think that you'd like to visit a nearby outdoor mall with your dog for the first time, there are several simple tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that the experience goes well.

Find The Relief Area

If the outdoor shopping mall that you're planning to visit is pet friendly, it may have a pet relief area. You'll be able to identify this area on one of the map displays, and you may see signs throughout the outdoor mall directing you toward it. It's worthwhile to note where the pet relief area is soon after you arrive. This way, if you see that your dog is starting to act as though it needs to relieve itself, you can hurry to this area to avoid an accident. If the outdoor mall doesn't have a dedicated relief area, try to identify a grassy area — perhaps near the parking lot.

Carry A Water Bowl

If it's a hot day or you'll be doing a lot of walking with your pet, it's important that you have water to keep the animal hydrated. One option is to carry a folding water bowl, which you can buy at any pet store. This device fits easily into your pocket or your purse, and you can unfold it, fill it with water from any of the mall's water fountains, and then set it down for your pet. If there's a pet store in the outdoor mall, it may actually have a watering station outside of its door, but it's always good to carry your own bowl, just in case.

Keep Shade In Mind

One of the nice things about visiting an outdoor mall is that you get to enjoy the sunshine when you're walking between stores. If the temperature is hot, keep in mind that too much sun can be problematic for a dog — especially if the dog has a heavy coat. As you walk, try to stay in the shade. Commonly, there will be a shaded area to one side of each of the walkways in the mall, depending on the position of the sun. If you go into a store and leave your dog in the care of a family member, encourage him or her to stand in a shaded area, too.

To learn more about the pet policies at malls, contact a shopping mall like Peninsula Town Center.