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Silver In Your Pocket: A Guide To Finding Everyday Coins With A Little Extra Value

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Coin values are not always what they seem to be. A quarter may claim to be worth twenty-five cents, but it could actually be worth a lot more. The same goes for other silver coins like dimes. Before the US mint converted over to mainly a copper and nickel design process, a number of coins were produced in pure silver materials. The rise in value of silver has steadily increased the value of these coins and made it fun to go searching for those pieces that can help you earn a little extra cash. As you go searching under couch cushions and through piggy banks, you can use this guide to determine how much silver you own:

Silver Quarters

A silver quarter may be worth up to ten times the amount that it was originally worth. The value paid on the quarter will depend on the buyer, this could potentially net you $2.00 or more per silver quarter that you are able to find. The quarter has gone through several changes through the years, making it easier to find quarter designs that are made of silver. One of the easiest ways to help narrow down your silver quarter collection is by looking at the back of the design. Before the State Quarter and National Park designs, the back of the quarter featured an American bald eagle. Look for this design and place all of these quarters to the side. On your next run through, you will be looking for quarters that are dated before 1965. 1965 is the first year that the US Mint transitioned from silver to copper designs. Anything with the date of 1964 or earlier will likely be made of silver.

Silver Dimes

Along with quarters, dimes were also produced in silver for a number of years. Dimes may be small, but the value of silver can quickly add up and allow you to make some good money on the silver prices. Searching for silver dimes may be a little more challenging because the dime has not changed through the years. You will be looking mainly for dates on the coin, but you can also tell if it is silver by the sound. A silver dime will make a slight echo and have a higher pitched sound when it makes contact with other coins. This is because the silver is lighter and less dense than copper and nickle materials. Just like quarters, silver dimes were produced through 1964. The year is often printed small on the dime, so using an extra tool like a magnifying glass may make it easier to see the fine details on the coin. Build a collection of 5 to 10 coins before cashing them in. It can make it more valuable and easier to start building your savings.

Half Dimes

Before the modern nickel became the standard, Americans were using half dimes to pay for items. Not only are these coins made of silver, but they may hold extra value for their rarity and age. Half dimes were mainly produced in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The dime designs featured Lady Liberty on one side and an American bald eagle on the reverse side. These designs are also unique because not every state had yet formed in the nation when they were being made. Some coins may only feature 17 stars to represent the current states at that time. The coins are even smaller than a traditional dime, making them hard to find and track down. If you notice smaller coins in your collection, then it's a good idea to see if it's a half dime.

You can always call coin buyers for quotes on various silver coins that they are looking for. This will help you plan the potential value of your coin collection.