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3 Unique Locations To Place Runner Rugs Besides The Hallway

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Runner rugs feature long lengths and will typically go great in the hallway of a home. As you shop for runner rugs, consider areas other than the hallway where you can find useful spots for the rugs. The different styles and designs will make the rugs a go-to option for multiple areas in your home.

Check out some of the unique locations and consider ordering more rugs to use in these locations.

1. Kitchen Sink Area

The kitchen sink area often gets a lot of foot traffic as you do dishes, prepare meals, and complete everyday tasks in the kitchen. The hard surface of a kitchen floor can put a lot of pressure on your feet. The cushion of a runner rug will cover a lot of the floor area near the counter and add comfort for longer periods of time like when you do the dishes.

If you want to, you could shop for a runner rug with stain-resistant fabric. When you prep meals or do dishes, you do not need to worry about random food and items falling onto the ground. Choose a rug design that matches the colors and themes of the kitchen as well.

2. Garage Door Entryway

If you have an attached garage on your house, then you can provide an easy way to enter and exit the garage. Rely on a runner rug to go between the cars and provide an easy walkway into the house. If you remove shoes before you enter the house, then the runner rug is an ideal area to place the shoes.

The runner carpet also provides an easy way to clean off shoes and get rid of debris before entering the house. Every few months, you can use a carpet cleaner on the runner rug to keep the rug in mint condition.

3. Children's Outdoor Play Areas

Some runner rugs are suited for outdoor use. You can strategically place rugs in children's outdoor play areas. For example, if you have a trampoline, you could set a runner rug right on the outside of the entrance. The rug will provide children with a spot to take off their shoes and prevent a lot of dirt or grass from getting on the trampoline.

If you own a swing set, then you could lay out a runner rug directly underneath the swings. The rug provides an easy way to push off the swing without the need to dig up dirt or wood chips. The rug can provide extra comfort if children play barefoot outside.

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