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Ideas For Better Water Fountain Decor

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Having a water fountain at a location can give it an added sense of appeal. The sort of water fountain decor you surround it with, though, will have a major influence on how visitors see it. Before you move forward with designing an area, take these ideas under advisement.

Be Serious About Your Situation

Adding a water fountain in a residential setting carries with it different consideration than one that will sit in a commercial or public space. One at home can become a highly personalized statement, although you'll still want it to match the surrounding decor and landscaping. Conversely, in a corporate setting, you don't necessarily want the decor to get too crazy.

Indoor and outdoor considerations matter, too. You don't want to have a lot of materials that weather poorly used in the decor of an outdoor fountain.

Naturalistic vs. Artificial

The first broad-stroke choice you'll have to make regarding decor is how natural or artificial you want the design to be. Every item you choose afterward will be dictated by this decision because you don't want the space to look random.

Natural Decor Ideas

Many people turn to Asian traditions for ideas to make water fountains more naturalistic. Adding a koi pond, for example, can add color, life, and movement to a fountain. Surrounding your fountain with stone items will also accentuate the feeling of naturalism, and a few plants will make the entire space more lush and verdant. Wooden benches can feed into a sense of the rustic, too.

When using natural materials, make sure your choices are suited to indoor versus outdoor applications. Using a soft stone for a statute can create erosion troubles in areas that get lots of rain, for example.

Artificial Decor Ideas

Artificial-looking structures have their place in design. Many plazas have been designed with water fountains in the middle and modernist benches, walls, and ledges surrounding them. Steel and polished stone are often dominant in these designs, and they can provide a high-end feel.

Lighting can be used to highlight specific features, especially at night. In a more artificial design, you're welcome to utilize a broader range of colors in your lighting because these won't clash with natural tones.

Practical Considerations

A public water fountain should have trash cans and ashtrays available to minimize debris. You can, however, find models designed to mingle with your water fountain decor, such as stone receptacles to match a natural look.